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On October 16, Beijing time, it was almost a week since the Lakers won the championship, but the Lakers immediately ushered in some renewal issues after winning the championship. For now, Davis hasn't decided to renew his contract with the Lakers in advance, but Davis is very likely to renew his contract. The champion guard Rondo decided to jump out of the contract to test the free market, which means that Rondo is likely to leave the Lakers. This may be the only bad news for the Lakers.


But if there is bad news, there will be good news. According to Shams, sources said that Pope and Howard are interested in staying with the Lakers, and the Lakers are also interested in renewing their contracts with these two players. This is definitely good news for the Lakers. Pope and Howard both performed well in the playoffs. They are James' most powerful helpers, and the Lakers management will definitely be willing to complete the contract extension with them.


And today there is a heavy news broke. The famous rapper "Dog Ye" Snoop Dogg recently participated in a Fox Sports show, in which he discussed the future development direction of the Lakers with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless. "God" is a famous Lakers fan. This is something everyone knows. He broke the news that the Wizards shooting guard Bill moved to Los Angeles, and it is reported that Bill actually bought a building in Los Angeles for $6.8 million. A mansion with 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

今天有一个重大新闻突然传出。著名的说唱歌手“狗狗”史努比·道格(Snoop Dogg)最近参加了Fox体育节目,在节目中,他与香农·夏普(Shannon Sharpe)和斯基普·贝利斯(Skip Bayless)讨论了湖人队的未来发展方向。 “上帝”是湖人著名的球迷。这是每个人都知道的。他爆料说奇才队的得分后卫比尔搬到了洛杉矶,据报道,比尔实际上是以680万美元买下了洛杉矶的一栋建筑。带有5间卧室和9间浴室的豪宅。

And this video of "God Lord" also received a response from Bill's wife. Bill's wife Kamiah Adams saw and reposted this video, writing: "Forehead, forehead, forehead," with a few laughs and cry Emoji expressions. It is worth mentioning that Bill’s wife is a Lakers fan. After the Lakers won the championship, he once wrote: "This year of rubbish has caused all the pain and sorrow. My city needs this championship! This champion LA is well-deserved! Nip West and Kobe are smiling in heaven."

这段关于“上帝之王”的录像也收到了比尔妻子的回应。 Bill的妻子Kamiah Adams看到并重新发布了这段视频,并写道:“额头,额头,额头”,并笑了几声,表情表情又哭了起来。值得一提的是,比尔的妻子是湖人队的球迷。在湖人队夺得冠军之后,他曾经写道:“今年的垃圾给所有人带来了痛苦和悲伤。我的城市需要这个冠军!这个冠军洛杉矶当之无愧!尼普·韦斯特和科比在天堂微笑。”

In fact, Bill is not happy playing with the Wizards this season. Bill can average 30.5 points per game this season, second only to the Beard player in the scoring list, and he can also contribute 4.2 rebounds and 6.1 assists and shooting. The hit rate can also reach 45.5%. However, even with such a performance, Bill has not been recognized by people. Not only did the team record poorly, but he also did not make the All-Star team, and he did not even enter the best team of the season. This makes Bill unacceptable, and Bill himself has repeatedly published articles bombarding the league's selection.


This time he bought a luxury mansion in Los Angeles also seems to be a sign. In fact, the Lakers deliberately formed the "Big Three" during the offseason and Bill was also one of the goals the Lakers pursued, but the Wizards did not want to let Bill go. But now, the Lakers have successfully won the championship, and now they can still make room for some salary. On the Wizards side, Wall has made trouble again and again to disappoint the management, and Bill is also "in Cao Ying and his heart. It would be better to take this cruel rebuild and send Bill away in exchange for some young players and draft picks.


Bill's scoring ability and three-point ability are also what the Lakers lack. The combination of James + Davis and a strong shooting guard like Bill makes it really perfect. If the Lakers form the "Big Three", they can better deal with the Warriors who will come back next season.

比尔的得分能力和三分球能力也是湖人所缺乏的。詹姆斯+戴维斯(James + Davis)和像比尔(Bill)这样强大的得分后卫的结合,使它真正完美。如果湖人组成“三巨头”,他们可以更好地与下赛季再来的勇士队打交道。

But all this is also speculation, and the information that Bill bought a house in Los Angeles also gave people a lot of reverie, because many stars will first go to the city they want to buy when they choose to leave or change teams, so the players buy and sell houses. Not a small commotion.


Will Bill come to the Los Angeles Lakers as he wishes? Is it because Bill has another purpose for buying a house in Los Angeles, after all, Los Angeles has two strong teams! What do you think! Welcome to discuss together!




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