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The first stage of the Super League this season has ended. Guangzhou R&F’s record of 14 rounds in the first stage was determined to be 4 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses, scoring 14 goals, conceding 28 goals, accumulating 15 points, ranking 6th in Group A.


They are the pioneers of the Guangzhou R&F team's growth and development. Every game witnesses their growth. Next, R&F will record their mental journey through an exclusive interview with R&F’s stars.


"Three years have indeed changed a lot. The coaches and teammates have changed, and the tactics have also changed. In the past, the offensive offense was emphasized, but now the offensive also emphasizes defense. For example, when the full-back goes up, the full-back has to lean in. The full-back went up, and the midfielder had to make up for it. Fan Shuai took care of every detail. Before, he emphasized personal creativity and did not have too many limitations. In the past, they all attacked, resulting in a relatively large gap in the back. ."


Affected by the epidemic, this year's preparation period is unprecedentedly long, but it is not easy for Fan Shuai to instill his ideas to the players little by little. "After all, the style of playing for 5 years before, now has to be changed. Slowly adapt and understand his tactical concept mentally. It will take some time to change. Now the team is supreme, and each position needs the spirit of complementarity. You cannot ignore the entire team by yourself, and you cannot fight alone."

受这一流行病的影响,今年的准备期空前长,但范帅要逐渐将自己的想法灌输给球员并不容易。 “毕竟,五年前的比赛方式现在必须改变。慢慢地适应和理解他的战术概念。这将需要一些时间来改变。现在球队是至高无上的,每个职位都需要互补的精神。 “您不能独自忽略整个团队,也不能独自作战。”

Three years later, Zeng Chao has taken a new position. "I am also playing left-back in Meixian County. Fan Shuai's request for me is to boldly move forward and move forward. I guess he should know that I used to be a forward," said Zeng Chao. Now he is reading the game. More mature than before, "I used to panic when dealing with the ball and do ambiguous things. Now I am calmer and not blind."


The body is not dominant, but Zeng Chao has to fight against the sharp striker of the Chinese Super League. “It is a good goal to defend three, four or five times, but if you fail to handle it once, you will be scored. Sometimes you still need to be calmer and more determined. There are many top-level foreign aids and domestic players are relatively strong. They will be seized at any time a mistake is made, and there is not much time to make up. Instill some in your mind, when to be calm and resolute, and constantly remind yourself."

身体并不占主导地位,但曾超必须与中国超级联赛的犀利前锋作斗争。 “保卫三,四或五次是一个很好的目标,但是如果您一次处理不了,您将获得得分。有时,您仍然需要保持镇定,更加坚定。有很多顶级外援,而国内球员则相对强大。他们会在任何时候犯错,并且没有太多的时间来弥补。冷静时要灌输一些心思,不断提醒自己。”

Zeng Chao said that maximizing strengths and circumventing weaknesses has become his magic weapon in the left-back position. “Since confrontation is not an advantage, then use the advantage of speed, run faster, steal the ball more dexterously, and try not to confront or contact them head-on. Hyundai In football, there are many low-profile side defenders. They can also play well, give full play to their advantages and less expose their shortcomings."

曾超说,最大限度发挥长处和克服弱点已成为他在左后卫位置的法宝。 “因为对抗不是优势,所以要利用速度优势,跑得更快,更灵巧地偷球,并尽量不要直面或接触他们。”现代在足球界,有许多低调的边后卫。他们也可以发挥出色,充分发挥自己的优势,减少缺点。”

In the league, local players such as Huang Zhengyu, Ye Chugui, and Chang Feiya have scored for R&F. They used to be the striker, and now the full-back Zeng Chao said that he has the opportunity and hopes to score for the team. "I like both positions. If there is a chance, I will move forward and hope to score goals. But as long as the team wins, the individual is still happy!"

在联赛中,黄振宇,叶楚桂和张飞亚等当地球员都为富力得分。他们曾经是前锋,而现在的后卫曾超说他有机会并且希望为球队得分。 “我都喜欢这两个职位。如果有机会,我会前进并希望进球。但是只要球队获胜,个人仍然会高兴!”

During the league preparation period, Guangzhou R&F was in a brave state, but after the league began, the team's record was not as ideal. "The intensity of the friendly match is still different from that of the Super League. In addition, the friendly match played well and attracted the attention of the opponent. The other side studied us more thoroughly." However, the team gradually came out of the trough under Fan Shuai's training. "The coach will still focus on encouragement. He has been a player and clearly understands that everyone is unhappy when we lose. He will adjust our mood and let us devote ourselves to preparing for the next round. When playing badly, He will make changes and change his tactics. He is a coach with rich tactics."

在联赛筹备阶段,广州富力处于勇敢状态,但联赛开始后,球队的战绩并不理想。 “友谊赛的强度与超级联赛的强度仍然不同。此外,友谊赛打得很好,并引起了对手的注意。另一方则对我们进行了更深入的研究。”但是,在范帅的训练下,球队逐渐走出低谷。 “教练仍然会专注于鼓励。他一直是一名球员,并且清楚地知道每个人在失败时都会感到不高兴。他会调整情绪,让我们致力于下一轮的准备。打得不好时,他会做出改变并改变自己的战术。他是一位战术丰富的教练。”

Zahavi’s departure has become an important turning point for this season, but the team is united to turn the crisis around. "The previous tactics have revolved around him, and he has to take the ball that is not easy to pass. After he left, everyone played alive. , All positions can be rotated. So in the past, the playing style was relatively monotonous. Other teams only need to grasp his point. Now there are many changes. I believe everyone can see our changes." In Zeng’s eyes , Now the three lines of the team are more agile.

扎哈维(Zahavi)的离开已经成为本赛季的重要转折点,但车队团结一致,扭转了危机。 “以前的战术围绕着他旋转,他不得不拿下不易传球的球。他离开后,每个人都活着踢球。所有位置都可以旋转。因此,过去的比赛风格相对单调。其他团队只需要掌握他的观点。现在有很多变化。我相信每个人都可以看到我们的变化。”在Zeng看来,现在团队的三条线变得更加敏捷。

After more than 70 days of closed competitions in Dalian, Zeng Chao could bear his temper, "drinking tea, playing games, training in the morning, resting at noon, and then going for treatment. The day passed quickly." In the round against Suning, Zeng Chao accidentally suffered a ligament injury during a frontal collision with Santini. Injuries made his record in the first stage stay at 7 starts and 9 appearances. "The injury caused me to go to the'farthest' place, that is, the hospital outside the blue zone. I took a car for 20 minutes and wore protective clothing." Zeng Chao said that he hoped that the injury would recover as soon as possible. The second stage Can help the team achieve good results in the rankings.

在大连进行了超过70天的非公开比赛之后,曾超可以忍受自己的脾气,“喝茶,玩游戏,早上训练,中午休息,然后接受治疗。这一天很快过去了。”在与苏宁的回合中,曾超在与桑蒂尼的正面碰撞中意外韧带受伤。受伤使他在第一阶段的战绩保持了7次入场和9次露面。 “受伤使我去了最远的地方,也就是蓝色区域外的医院。我开车20分钟,穿着防护服。”曾超说,他希望伤势能尽快恢复。第二阶段可以帮助团队在排名中取得良好的成绩。

Back then, he joined Guangzhou R&F as a U23 player. Now he is at the age of 27. He is watching the "back wave" start to emerge in the Chinese Super League. The youngest member of the team, Wen Yongjun, is 17 years old and very aura. Our 93rd generation must continue to work hard."


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