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On the evening of September 26, the 2020 Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elite Invitational Tournament ended successfully at the National Tennis Center. 288 tennis elites from all walks of life in the capital gathered together to share the passion and charm of tennis. They have the level and style of the competition, and in this golden autumn season when the sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant, they will reappear with vitality.


   After more than ten hours of fierce competition, the contestants and the participating teams have overcome their physical limits, dared to fight, played a decent level of tennis competition, and presented a wonderful battle of elites. In the end, the first EMBA tennis team of the National People's University, the EMBA tennis red team of Tsinghua University, and the first tennis team of Peking University National Development Institute won the EMBA group first and second place. The top three in the college group were awarded by the Fengtai Tennis Association Tennis Team and Beijing Sport University Tennis Association Tennis Team. Team, Tsinghua Holdings Tennis Team won, and the top three in the corporate group are the Beijing Zhengping Construction Investment Group Tennis Team, Beijing Fortis Jinxin Computer System Service Co., Ltd. Tennis Team, and Beijing Xindelian Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Tennis Team.


Mr. Su Zhaohui, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Beijing Capital Group, Ms. Cui Ping, Founding Director of Beijing Capital Group, and Mr. Li Xiaobin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Capital Land, hand in hand with the two-time Grand Slam Women’s Doubles champion Zheng Jie to present the champion team with heavy trophies and medals. . Mr. Zhang Haibin, assistant president of Beijing Capital Land, Mr. Zhang Junhui, director and president of Beijing China Open Sports Promotion Co., Ltd., and director of China Open, and Mr. Liu Xingang, president of Tsinghua EMBA Tennis Association, presented awards to the runners-up team.

北京市委常委,常务副总经理苏朝晖先生,北京市首创集团崔平女士,北京市首创置业有限公司党委书记李小斌先生,与两届大满贯女子双打冠军郑洁携手为冠军队提供沉重的奖杯和奖牌。 。北京首都置地副总裁张海滨先生,北京中国公开体育促进有限公司董事兼总裁,中国公开赛董事张俊辉先生,清华EMBA网球协会会长刘新刚先生,向亚军团队颁发了奖项。

At the closing ceremony, Mr. Su Zhaohui, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Beijing Capital Group, said in his speech: “Faced with the complex situation and situation in 2020, the Party Committee of Beijing Capital Group upholds the social responsibility of municipal state-owned enterprises and polishes the brand of China Tennis Open. Mission determination, to gather the power of the entire group to support China Open to continue to spread positive energy to the society through sports and public welfare, to inject life and vitality into the Chinese tennis market, and to continue and demonstrate the responsibility and mission of the top male and female comprehensive tennis tournaments in Asia sense!"


Since its establishment in 2004, China Open has been committed to providing fans with the best event services and event experience. As the organizer of the 2020 Beijing Capital Land Elite Tennis Invitational Tournament, China Open, with the strong support of Beijing Capital Group and Beijing Capital Land, is in Tsinghua With the assistance of the EMBA Tennis Association, we have integrated full creativity and sincerity into amateur events, allowing tennis lovers to experience the exclusive treatment that the world's top players can enjoy.


During the whole day of the competition, the competition team will open the lounge and shuttle bus for professional players during the China Open every year to amateur players. Two professional physiotherapists are also specially equipped to provide injury consultation, Massage treatments and other services. The organizer also specially created a brand new event service platform for the 2020 Beijing Capital Land Elite Tennis Invitational Tournament. Just follow the China Open WeChat Official Account (CO_4007076666) and click to enter the "Elite Tournament" menu to easily unlock the "real-time score", A brand-new way of playing amateur events such as "Photo Live". The competition not only invites a professional photography and camera team to capture the dynamic moments for the golfers, but also adds an upload channel ingeniously. Each player can upload the materials he shoots and share the excitement with the golfers, so that it is not as good as everyone else.


An old friend of China Open, Zheng Jie, partnered with former national player Zhang Aimin to start a tie-break PK with the participating elite players, which completely ignited the passion of the scene. For amateur tennis enthusiasts, they can come to the National Tennis Center and Grand Slam champions. A "real gun live ammunition" duel is really a golden opportunity. In addition, in order to meet the needs of tennis equipment control, the tournament team also held a new shoot trial meeting with two major tennis brands Wilson and Hyde. Participants have the opportunity to "play" the new products in the market first, and take the lead in experiencing the new shoot. Batting feel and characteristics.

中国公开赛的老朋友郑洁与前国家选手张爱民合作,与参加比赛的精英选手开始抢七局,这完全点燃了现场的热情。对于业余网竞博下载app球爱好者,他们可以来国家网球中心和大满贯冠军。 “实枪实弹”对决确实是一个千载难逢的机会。另外,为了满足网球设备控制的需要,比赛队还与两个主要的网球品牌威尔逊和海德举行了新的射门试验会议。参与者有机会首先在市场上“玩”新产品,并率先体验新产品。击球感觉和特征。

As a heavyweight event with the EMBA Business School accurate crowd as the main participant and covering domestic elites, the 2020 Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elite Invitational Tournament is carefully created by the China Tennis Open, Beijing Capital Group and Beijing Capital Land. Sports and social methods, release the vitality of the city, create a healthy and beautiful life. This year’s event is divided into two stations, Beijing and Shanghai. With the successful conclusion of Beijing station, Shanghai station will take over the baton and start on October 17. Registration is still hot, and tennis elites in Shanghai are ready to go. Let the vitality continue.


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