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In the last round of the league, Liverpool unexpectedly lost to Watford, the league unbeaten record ended. For this result, 10-year-old Manchester United fan Dalaf will definitely be excited, because just 8 days ago, the Irish schoolboy received a personal letter from Liverpool coach Klopp. Only a week later, he wanted Liverpool to lose. Realized again. Of course, Liverpool’s loss was not for Dalaf, and Dalaf would not be happy just because Liverpool lost. As early as when he received Klopp’s reply, he excitedly brought the letter to school. Show off in front of classmates.


As Klopp said in a subsequent interview, there are many people who write to him on weekdays, and it is impossible to reply one by one. The fans who wrote letters also understand this, so if they can receive a reply, it is a lucky thing. This is true even if the person who answers the letter is the head coach of a rival team, as Klopp said: "I like the rivals we have. If these are only on the court, I like them even more."


Little Chinese fans have also received heart-warming moves. In June last year, a fifth-grade elementary school student in Beijing wrote an essay about Augusto, but the teacher asked to rewrite it because the content was off-topic. After Augusto learned about it, he wrote an autograph reply for the child and recorded a short video, inviting her to come to Guoan to watch the game at home. This heart-warming move has been praised by many fans.


However, most of the heart-warming exporters come from foreign coaches and players. Although domestic players often have some heart-warming actions, they can be circulated on the Internet. Most of them are scolding and signing or signing to the fans. The impatience required for a group photo or even bad words are stigmatized. Regardless of how the football skills are for the time being, even the personal qualities are not as good as others. It is indeed a bit unreasonable. Therefore, many people have been calling for the development of campus football, improving the cultural quality of Chinese players, and even building a career dominated by college players like South Korea. Player groups.


The idea of ​​developing campus football is correct, but it is not a necessary way to improve the quality of players, because there is no inevitable connection between personal quality and education level. For example, Sun Xingmin went to Europe when he was very young, and his level of education is not as high as most Korean players. However, there are very few negative news off the court and his reputation among fans is excellent; while Gao Jongxiu, a former genius player, is often exposed to fight , Alcoholism, and ultimately ruined a bright career. It can be seen that the level of personal quality and educational level are not the only factors.

发展校园足球的想法是正确的,但并不是提高球员素质的必要方式,因为个人素质和教育水平之间没有必然的联系。例如,孙兴民很小的时候就去了欧洲,他的学历不如大多数韩国选手高。但是,场外几乎没有负面新闻,他在球迷中的声誉非常好。前天才球员高钟秀(Gao Jongxiu)经常遭受酗酒之争,并最终毁掉了光明的职业。可以看出,个人素质和教育程度并不是唯一的因素。

The same is true in Europe. Most players will enter the club's echelon for training when they are around 14 years old. They are not highly educated, but they often show extremely high professionalism when dealing with fans. In terms of the reason, it is not a personal quality issue, it is mainly managed by someone. For example, some time ago Ali had some inappropriate remarks and behaviors. Although he immediately apologized, he was still targeted by the FA and was likely to be punished. In the past few years, Chelsea’s Kennedy was also dealt with internally for inappropriate remarks.


The incident of Cantona kicking Crystal Palace fans back then was also a very typical example. Although fans were kicking for Cantona afterwards, because of this kind of thing everyone kicked, but the "king" still has to be punished by the FA. It can be seen that both the club and the league’s management and management agencies attach great importance to fans. Once a player has an unusual behavior when dealing with fans, no matter what is wrong, the player will not be punished. Therefore, regardless of whether the players are sincere or not, they must always make each other feel good when in contact with the fans.


In this regard, Wang Shuang also brought a very intuitive introduction to domestic fans during his time in Paris. From the routine physical examination before signing the contract, Wang Shuang felt the atmosphere of a true professional team. The first team has more than 20 people, but the service team composed of various professionals can reach more than 100 people, even physical therapists. Subdivide according to the player's body part. On weekdays, the club also encourages players to update their social media in time. The team’s photographers will upload photos of the players during the game and training to the image library for the players to choose to post.


In addition, the club also arranges some media interviews for the players as much as possible, so that the outside world can understand the players more comprehensively. These practices have shortened the distance between the club and the fans. Although there are not many spectators in the stands when the Parisian Women's Football is in the game, the support of the Parisian Women's Football is not low. When the team returned to Paris from Lyon last year, it was already one o'clock in the morning, but there were still more than a hundred fans greeted at the station in the rain. Wang Shuang, who was moved by the fans' enthusiasm, also posted a Weibo, which became a hot spot.


Klopp’s reply, Wang Shuang’s experience in Paris, and the official punishment for players’ extraordinary behaviors, summed up are the concepts of “managing fans”. Although in the club's operating income, the proportion of match-day income directly created by fans is not the highest, but both broadcast income and commercial income are also brought by fans' attention. For example, only one season after the establishment of the Premier League, the financial status of broadcaster Sky Sports has turned from bankruptcy to a profit of 50 million pounds, relying on the capital injection brought by the ratings.


Therefore, the concept of “managing fans” has become a general consensus among European clubs. The “50+1” policy implemented by the Bundesliga is to prevent the club from leaving the fans. After the Serie A has burned out the money, it has also begun to make a fuss on the fans, even He also ingeniously set the weight of the "number of fans" in the method of distribution of broadcast income, encouraging clubs to work hard to expand their influence among fans.

因此,“管理球迷”的概念已成为欧洲俱乐部的普遍共识。德甲实施的“ 50 + 1”政策是为了防止俱乐部离开球迷。在意甲烧光之后,它也开始对球迷们大惊小怪,甚至他也巧妙地在分配转播收入的方式上设定了“球迷数量”的权重,鼓励俱乐部努力工作。在粉丝中扩大影响力。

In the "Women's Football" section of the FA's annual report, he also bluntly pointed out that expanding the influence of women's football and allowing more women to participate in football will increase the society's attention to football. In other words,


To put it simply, this is similar to the fact that many entertainment stars desperately create scandals, create topics, and create characters to expand the number of fans. As a club, only by continuously expanding the scale of diehard fans can you be tougher in negotiations with investors, gain greater independence in business, and avoid becoming a plaything in the hands of some investors. Take the Bundesliga as an example. Although the "50+1" policy has made them lose the favor of many investors, this does not affect the long-term position of the Bundesliga at the top of the league's profitability list. It was only surpassed by the Premier League in recent years. This shows that the "golden master dad" is not necessarily a real dad. The fans who cheer for the team are the real parents of the club. As long as there are fans full of pits at home games, then you don't have to worry about making money. .

简而言之,这类似于许多娱乐明星拼命制造丑闻,创建主题并创建角色以扩大粉丝数量的事实。作为一个俱乐部,只有不断扩大忠实粉丝的规模,您才能与投资者进行更艰难的谈判,获得更大的业务独立性,并避免成为某些投资者手中的玩物。以德甲为例。尽管“ 50 + 1”政策使他们失去了许多投资者的青睐,但这并没有影响德甲的长期位置在联盟盈利能力榜首。近年来才被英超所超越。这表明“黄金大师爸爸”不一定是真正的爸爸。为球队加油的球迷是俱竞博下载app乐部的真正父母。只要有主场比赛的球迷满满的话,那么您就不必担心赚钱了。 。

From this perspective, perhaps we can understand why UEFA has to "encourage rational investment and improve the survival of clubs" as the starting point to formulate a set of "Financial Fairness Act." In the football market, there are investors and speculators. For a long-term club, they must be screened. Setting a profit standard is the best choice to keep speculators out of the threshold.


For example, many people use Abramovich as an example to criticize UEFA, but these people have not seen that after the implementation of the "Act", Abramovich's money burning behavior has been greatly reduced, and in accordance with the exemption in the "Act" Terms, invest heavily in youth training. Although they were severely punished by FIFA for buying the Little Monsters all over the world, the youth training players of the Blues this season have provided sufficient motivation for the team’s fourth four at a critical moment and showed the world their youth. Training is fruitful, and this is exactly what the Act encourages.


If UEFA wants to publicize the "Act", then the Tranmere Rovers is a good choice. Although this small club is not a direct beneficiary of the "Act", its business philosophy is quite in line with the spirit of the "Act". Club chairman Marc Parrios is a senior partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers and also served as the CEO of the FA. The debt crisis encountered when the FA was building Wembley Stadium was resolved in his hands. .

如果欧洲足联想宣传《法案》,那么特兰米尔流浪者是一个不错的选择。尽管这个小俱乐部不是《法案》的直接受益人,但其经营理念与《法案》的精神十分吻合。俱乐部主席马克·帕里奥斯(Marc Parrios)是普华永道会计师事务所的高级合伙人,还曾担任足总首席执行官。英足总在建造温布利球场时遇到的债务危机已由他解决。 。

Later, Mark left London, bought the team he used to play and became the chairman. After taking office, he first used superb operating methods to get the team to exchange for a new stadium, and also received a sum of operating funds to solve the problem. financial problem. Subsequently, a series of measures were adopted to attract people’s attention, such as reducing children’s ticket prices to the price of a glass of Coke, regularly launching various fan activities, and opening free sports equipment to local disabled people for exercise every Tuesday. .

后来,马克离开伦敦,买下了他曾经效力的球队并成为董事长。上任后,他首先使用精湛的运营方法让球队更换了新球场,还获得了一笔运营资金来解决该问题。财务问题。随后,采取了一系列措施来吸引人们的注意力,例如将儿童的票价降低到一杯可乐的价格,定期开展各种球迷活动以竞博下载app及在每个星期二为当地残疾人开放免费运动器材以供锻炼。 。

With these combinations, the team gained a large number of diehard fans. On the first Christmas after Mark acquired the team, the team rented the local square to hold a Christmas party, but few people came to attend. After that, the participants reached the scale of thousands. With fans, there is no need to worry about income. In the absence of broadcast income, the club's annual revenue has reached more than 7 million pounds, more than many British Championship teams that eat broadcast income.


Back in China, in 2020, the bad news we received is not only the epidemic, but also the news that several clubs are on the verge of bankruptcy. To be sure, the teams with poor financial status are by no means these few. Compared with the Chinese Super League, the living conditions of the low-level clubs are worrying. Many people attribute the reason to the low-level leagues that are not watched and have little influence. It is undeniable that this is indeed an important factor, but it is not a decisive factor. The Tranmere Rangers are also a low-level league team, and they are still in the gap between the two Premier League teams of Liverpool and Everton, but they It is still able to develop a large group of diehard fans and obtain considerable operating income. In most of the clubs that have closed or are on the verge of collapse, there is no Chinese Super League team competing in most of the regions, but survival is a problem.


When Marc Parrios talked about the management of the team, he once stated his own business philosophy. The team is located in the northwest of England, surrounded by Everton and Liverpool, and only one hour away from Old Trafford. If you want to take root in this place, you must use all the resources in your hands to bring fans what they can’t feel at Anfield or Goodison Garden.

当马克·帕里奥斯(Marc Parrios)谈论团队管理时,他曾说过自己的经营理念。该小组位于英格兰西北部,被埃弗顿和利物浦所包围,距离老特拉福德仅一小时路程。如果您想在这个地方扎根,则必须动用手中的所有资源,为歌迷带去他们在安菲尔德或古迪森花园无法感受到的感受。

Someone once complained that there are not many people in China who really like football, so pure football does not make money. It can only find funds by advertising to investors. It can be said that this view is purely a dumping of the pot. What football can bring to fans is not limited to the game itself. If you want to invite fans into the stadium, it depends on the careful management of the fans, as long as you work hard and use it. If you care, then fans will definitely buy it.


Therefore, if Chinese clubs want to have the ability to survive independently, they must start with running the fans. The first step in running the fans is to let the players put away the uppermost posture, and say a few words like "you do your best" or something like that. Influential remarks, like Klopp and Augusto, write a letter to the fans seriously, open an account on the emperor of the ball, and communicate with the fans more to get the support of more fans.


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