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  France, Paris-On September 27th local time, the 2020 French Open season kicked off. Slovakia's Schmidlova defeated the runner-up Venus Williams 6-4 6-4 after a fierce battle of 2 hours and 06 minutes, ending a 13-game losing streak in the Grand Slam tournament.

法国巴黎-当地时间9月27日,2020年法国公开赛赛季开始。斯洛伐克的施密德洛娃(Schmidlova)经过2小时零6分钟的激烈战斗,以6-4 6-4击败了亚军维纳斯·威廉姆斯(Venus Williams),结束了大满贯赛事的13连败。

In 2014, Schmidlova won the first TOP30 victory from Venus Williams at the French Open. This year, she also eliminated the American star in the first round at Monterrey. She has now won three consecutive games against the latter. Win.

2014年,施密德洛娃(Schmidlova)在法网夺得维纳斯·威廉姆斯(Venus Williams)的首枚TOP30冠军。今年,她还在蒙特雷的第一轮淘汰了这位美国球星。现在,她已经连续三场对阵后者赢了。赢得。

   This is the first time she has won at Roland Garros in six years, and it is also the first time she has won a major championship at the U.S. Open since 2015. After that, the Slovakian girl fell into a long trough from the 2016 season and underwent knee surgery last year. Schmidlova’s performance today has the shadow of her peak. In 2015, her highest ranking came to No.26.

这是她六年来首次在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)夺冠,也是她自2015年以来首次在美国公开赛上赢得大满贯冠军。此后,这位斯洛伐克姑娘从2016赛季跌入低谷去年接受了膝盖手术施密德洛娃(Schmidlova)今天的表演已达到巅峰状态。 2015年,她的最高排名为第26位。

But Schmidlova can always show her best when facing top players at the French Open: in 2016, she was the only player to win a set from the final champion Muguruza; last season, In the first round, she was only two points away from the upset knockout of No. 1 seed Naomi Osaka, and was finally overturned by her opponent 6-0 6-7 (4) 1-6.

但是施密德洛娃总是可以在面对法网的顶级选手时表现出自己的最好成绩:2016年,她是唯一一位从决赛冠军穆古鲁扎(Muguruza)手中夺冠的球员。上个赛季,在第一轮比赛中,她与第一号种子大阪直美(Naomi Osaka)的淘汰赛仅相差2分,最终被对手6-0 6-7(4)1-6推竞博下载app翻。

"I told the coach that I was particularly happy to win this victory at the French Open because this is my favorite game. I always dream of playing wonderful tennis here again," she told the media after the game. Winning here means a lot to me. I have always played well at the French Open, but I can't always win in the end."


   On this cold and humid day, Schmidlova was one of the few players who admitted that she still enjoyed the game in bad weather. "In a tennis match, there will never be a race that is smooth sailing," she said. "There is no match that can be played exactly the way you want. Okay occasionally, but it's really rare. I just need to accept This fact, and then do your best to do your best and stay firm-this is the only way you can win the game."

在这寒冷潮湿的日子里,施密德洛娃(Schmidlova)是为数不多的几家承认她仍然在恶劣天气下仍喜欢这款游戏的球员之一。她说:“在网球比赛中,永远不会有顺风顺水的比赛。” “没有一场比赛可以完全按照您想要的方式进行。好的,偶尔,但这真的很罕见。我只需要接受这一事实,然后尽力做到最好并保持坚定,这是唯一的方法可以赢得比赛。”

   In the first game, the two sides were in a scuffle, and after three consecutive rounds, they broke four consecutive rounds. Venus Williams missed a 3-1 and 4-2 lead and was chased by his opponent at the end of the game and lost a set first.

在第一场比赛中,双方陷入了混战,连续三轮之后,他们连续四轮闯入。维纳斯·威廉姆斯(Venus Williams)错过了3-1和4-2的领先优势,并在比赛结束时被对手追赶,并首先丢盘。

   The two each got eight break points in the first set, Schmidlova cashed three, and Venus Williams only held two. Although the American star scored 20 winning points, he also paid a high price for 27 unforced errors.


   In the second set, the two sides continued the pattern of breaking each other. Schmidlova took the lead to break the deadlock in the fourth game, and then broke serve again, establishing a 4-1 lead. So far, Venus Williams has lost six consecutive serve games.


   With almost nowhere to go, the seven-time Grand Slam winners showed tenacious fighting spirit. She even broke the lead and chased the score to 3-4, which also increased the suspense on the court. Faced with an opponent whose state suddenly improved, Schmidlova got a firm foothold in time, and then withstood the pressure of a tie to secure the serve, and continued to lead 5-3.


   Venus Williams saved two match points in the must-have serve and tried to continue the game. However, the Slovaks did not give their opponents a chance to counterattack. In the next serve victory, the match point was redeemed with the 23rd winning point in the game, and the two sets ended the fight.


"Playing against Venus is always very difficult," Schmidlova said. "She is an amazing player and I have always respected her very much. I won the game today and I am very happy, but I still admire her. Achievements in her career. I will always respect her. It is always very challenging to play against her."

施密德洛娃说:“与维纳斯对抗总是很困难的。” “她是一位了不起的球员,我一直非常尊重她。今天我赢得了比赛,我很高兴,但是我仍然很佩服她。她的职业成就。我将永远尊重她。比赛总是非常具有挑战性的反对她。”

   Venus Williams made 47 unforced errors in the audience, 20 times more than the winning points. She only cashed four of the 14 break points she got. Schmidlova played more steadily, with 23 winning points and 24 active turnovers almost the same, holding six of 13 break points.




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