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   Source of manuscript: Football News




Evergrande, which has reached the summit eight times, is still full of desire for the championship, while SIPG, Guoan and Luneng also aimed at the "Vulcan Cup", the non-AFC version of BIG4, and made the strongest sound of "winning the championship" together, SIPG In 2018, they won the championship for the first time, and Guoan and Luneng have not known meat for at least ten years. In Song Dandan's words, "I miss this thing too much."

曾八次登顶峰会的恒大仍然渴望获得冠军,而SIPG,国安和鲁能也瞄准了非AFC版BIG4的“火神杯”,并发出了最强的“获胜声音”。 SIPG于2018年首次获得冠军,而国安和鲁能至少十年都不知道肉了。用宋丹丹的话说:“我太想念这个东西了。”

   In 2018, Xu Jiayin lost his position as the richest man, while Evergrande lost his 7-year Chinese Super League championship. On May 20 of that year, Evergrande lost to Dai Yongge's Renhe in an away game. Xu Jiayin was furious, and Cannavaro's honeymoon period ended. That day was also the first "crisis" since Evergrande was founded.


From Evergrande’s point of view, winning the championship is a matter of course, and losing a championship is a "big thing"-in fact, after Evergrande entered the football circle, they won 17 championships, in addition to the eighth championships in the Chinese Super League, there are also the AFC Champions League Double crowns, FA Cup double crowns, Super Cup four crowns, and of course, there is also a champion in China.


   The 2020 champion, Evergrande, naturally wants to take it, no need to ask.


Before the first stage of the expedition, Xu Jiayin came to Panyu’s new base and put forward six major requirements, with only one purpose, "double crown", "we must win double crowns, we must win the Chinese Super League and the AFC Champions. This is very important."

在考察的第一阶段之前,徐家印来到番yu的新基地,提出了六项主要要求,只有一个目的:“双冠”,“我们必须赢得双冠,我们必须赢得中国超级联赛和亚足联冠军” 。 这个非常重要。”

   Cannavaro went on to bite the championship after being "in class" in 2019. He knows how difficult it is, but Evergrande must "defend the championship."


"Full of chance, any possibility will happen." This is Cannavaro's answer at the time. In his opinion, this year's Super League is a "cup match"; after taking the first place in Group A, the Italian still holds the original view. "You can't make any mistakes and don't give you a chance to come back. Therefore, from the first game, no matter who the opponent is, regardless of strength, you have to play like the final." Cannavaro added, Among the 16 teams in the Super League, some teams are not worse than Evergrande in terms of staffing, and even have advantages. He didn't say who it was, but everyone could guess.

“机会无限,任何可能性都会发生。”这是卡纳瓦罗当时的答案。他认为,今年的超级联赛是一场“杯赛”。在A组中获得第一名之后,意大利人仍然保持原始观点。 “你不能犯任何错误,也不能给你任何机会回来。因此,从第一局开始,无论对手是谁,无论实力如何,你都必须像决赛一样打球。”卡纳瓦罗补充说,在中超联赛的16支球队中,有些球队在人员竞博下载app配备上并不逊于恒大,甚至拥有优势。他没有说是谁,但每个人都可以猜测。

   It is said that Cannavaro has watched all the videos of his opponents for the championship, including SIPG, who will not be able to meet in the finals, "must stick to his own style and characteristics", "must control the rhythm of the game"...

据说卡纳瓦罗竞博下载app已经观看了对手的所有录像带,包括SIPG,他们将无法参加决赛,“必须坚持自己的风格和特征”,“必须控制比赛节奏” “ ...

   After the end of the 2019 season, Cai Huikang stated his goal for 2020, "there is only one, that is to win the championship." In his opinion, the second and third and the third and fourth from the bottom, "the difference is not very big".


   The "Chongming Generation" created by Xu Genbao for 10 years will not be satisfied with only one championship, and this year, it may be their best and last chance.


In the first stage, the captain Huoke, who planned to leave at the end of the year, said, “We will win another championship trophy for SIPG”; while Pereira said concisely, “I hope that at the end of the season, we can celebrate together.” First In the stage, although they encountered some minor accidents, they doubled Guoan and gave them courage and pride. Therefore, Pereira said, "We are ready to meet all the opponents. Our goal is the championship. This is the club this year. The goal is also our direction."


   So, don't talk about derby with SIPG, it is just an "appetizer", and the possible opponent Hengda in the final is their "prey".


  The configuration is better than that of Evergrande, and Guoan may count as one. At least, this is what the boss Zhou Jinhui thinks.


"Our advantage is a reasonable staff structure and strong configuration. There are many domestic players in the country. Our foreign players also have experience in the national team, as well as experience and experience in the World Cup." Zhou Jinhui said that such a lineup, of course, must win the championship. However, in the first stage, no one was satisfied with Guoan’s performance, including Zhou Jinhui.


   The result is "bad". Apart from uncontrollable factors, the key lies in himself. Zhou Jinhui has only one requirement. To show his domineering, he must be "more determined and tough" instead of "try my best and do my best."


   Enough strength, but lack of domineering, and this is the biggest deficiency of Guoan. The so-called "control ability drops after 70 minutes" is just a manifestation. Having been in Guoan for more than three years, Zhou Jinhui understood that the team won too few championships and trophies. Whenever it encounters setbacks, it will suffer from gains and losses. "The solution is simple, that is, to win more championships."

足够的力量,但缺乏霸气,这是国安最大的不足。所谓“ 70分钟后控制能力下降”只是一种体现。周国辉在国安呆了三年多,他知道这支球队赢得的冠军和奖杯太少了。每当遇到挫折时,都会遭受得失。 “解决方案很简单,那就是赢得更多的冠军。”

   The so-called wealthy background and the so-called champion temperament are all accumulated little by little. The same is true for Evergrande, and the same is true for Luneng back then. Eight days after Li Xiaopeng resigned, Luneng opened a strong guild. Sun Hua, the seventh head, made it clear that he would "try his best for the championship", which was "better than the year before" in the first stage, which is another step forward.


Luneng shouted to win the championship. From the outside, it was a bit unexpected. After all, the coach has just left. Although Hao Wei is very familiar with the team, he was the youngest coach in the Super League that year. He has also experienced in women's football and Evergrande, but he has no reinforcements. Luneng, at least in terms of strength, and the other three, can't pull the wrist.


   But Luneng still shouted, "We must dare to think about our goals and strive for the championship with all our strength." Sun Hua said, "We must dare to win, and we must have the courage and determination to meet the brave on a narrow road to win." Sun Hua said.


   Fight for dreams, this is the theme of Luneng Zhuanghui.


  The Chinese Super League championship group, every one is ambitious, this is the worst era, and it is also the best era!


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