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【JBO电竞】苏宁女足负责人:更新换代为全运会 谈裁判执法问题

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   Source of manuscript: Football News


  Reporter Jia Yanfeng reported that the Women's Super League ended on October 11, 2020. The 2019 Women's Super League champion Jiangsu Suning Women's Football Team finally lost to the Wuhan Women's Football Team in the final and won the second place in the 2020 season. The Suning Women’s Football Team, which won four championships last season, has not been able to defend the title.


   For the Suning women's football team, which has grown rapidly in recent years, what is their goal this season? Did they actually complete their annual tasks? What are the future pursuits? With these questions, our reporter interviewed Zheng Ming, the deputy general manager of the Suning Club, and asked him to introduce all the situation.


   "Football": Suning didn't take over women's football for a long time. His performance had slipped for a while, but it took a short time to catch up and win the championship in 2019. How did it do it?


   Zheng Ming: When Suning took over the Jiangsu Women's Football Team in 2016, the team was facing relegation. In the end, it barely succeeded in relegation through the playoffs. It should be said that it has reached a low point in the development of women's football. After Suning took over, under the care and support of the Provincial Sports Bureau and the Provincial Football Association, under the premise of the comprehensive guarantee of Suning Group, the women's football club was systematically operated and managed, and Suning's advanced management system was implanted in the club. Management, and through the adjustment of the salary system structure and personnel adjustments, the team has made greater progress. In the past few years, Suning Women’s Football has reached the finals 12 times in various national competitions, won 7 championships, and represented China participated in the women's AFC Champions League for the first time and won the runner-up. Not only that, Suning Women's Football has sent a large number of outstanding athletes to the Chinese national team and the national youth team.


   What is the position of Suning Group for women's football after entering football?


   After entering football, Suning has always taken the overall development of Jiangsu football as its own responsibility, and has invested heavily in men's football, women's football and youth training. Women’s football is an important part of Suning Sports. It is not only necessary to complete the club’s annual competitions, but also to deliver outstanding talents for the national team as much as possible, but also to undertake the government’s National Games competition tasks. Therefore, Suning Women’s Football has become an extremely important part of the development of Suning Sports. An important part is also the leader in the development of Jiangsu women's football.


  In the 2020 season, the epidemic caused the Suning Women's Football team to fight with a single foreign aid. What are the performance indicators of the group's women's football team?


   Due to the impact of the epidemic in the 2020 season, the competition has been delayed, and the entire preparations have been greatly affected. In particular, the foreign aid Addo was closed due to the epidemic in Ghana. Although the club did a lot of work, she still couldn't return to the club on time to participate in the game. Nonetheless, the group's KPI indicator for the women's football club is only the defending champion, and there is no other choice.


   What difficulties did the team encounter in the process of competing in the Women's Super League and how did the team overcome it?


In the 2020 season, the Suning Women’s Football team encountered greater difficulties. On the one hand, there were a lot of reductions in their own staff. Six main players suddenly left the team due to various reasons and were unable to participate in training and competitions, resulting in the structure of the team. Balance, the team’s strength has been seriously affected; on the other hand, other domestic women’s football clubs have made major adjustments. Wuhan has introduced 3 high-level foreign players and many national team players, and the Shanghai team has also introduced strong foreign players. The card strength has far surpassed Suning Women's. In the face of these sudden difficulties, the Suning Women’s Football team can only face it calmly. The first is to strictly grasp the training work, through scientific training, to improve the competition ability and physical fitness of the old athletes, and then to strengthen the training of young players and cultivate new players. As the focus of this year's league work.


   Why is the Jiangsu Women's Football team so determined to update and use young people this year?


   Part of the reason for the bold use of young people this year is that the sudden change of team personnel at the beginning of the year disrupted our entire preparation plan. These difficulties can only be solved by tapping the potential of the team itself. At the same time, we have to make a certain reserve of personnel for the National Games.


   In fact, there are different opinions and opinions on the team's tactical arrangements for the final final. The 541 formation against the Shanghai Women's Football Team played a very good role. Why did they play 4 guards when facing the stronger Wuhan Women's Football team, so that the single foreign forward was trapped in a circle of 5 defenders. ?

实际上,对于决赛的球队战术安排有不同的看法。反对上海女足的541编队发挥了很好的作用。为什么当面对实力更强的武汉女足时,他们要扮演4名后卫,以至于单身外国前锋被困在5名后卫的圈子中。 ?

Before the last game, the head coach once expressed this idea: This championship is indeed very important to us, but compared to the longer-term future, we need to play aggressive and creative football. Need to investigate some young players, after all, Wuhan is a rare and powerful opponent. Only with such an opponent can our young players be trained, so we finally decided to take the initiative to attack. Regarding the result, the head coach is more or less psychologically prepared. Through this game, although we failed in results, we actually gained a lot.


   What is the youth training system of Jiangsu Women's Football? Does it occupy a relatively forefront position in China's women's football youth training system?


   The youth training system and competition system of Jiangsu Women's Football should be among the best in the country. There are women football teams in 13 prefecture-level cities in Jiangsu. The women's football competition system of Jiangsu Provincial Games involves four groups and eight age groups. There are special policies for awarding medals. The training and reserves of reserve talents are among the best.


   The main players of Jiangsu Women's Football are basically Jiangsu players, so the team is very cohesive. Is this kind of personnel structure deliberately set?


   is not deliberately set up. As I said earlier, the Jiangsu Women’s Football Youth Training has a relatively good foundation, and there will be more talent transfers every year. Therefore, there is no need to seek distance to introduce other players. Of course, this is not to say that Suning Women’s Football rejects the introduction of players. In the early stage, we introduced Tang Jiali from Shanghai to be a good example. If some positions are lacking, we will still bring in the corresponding players.


   In fact, Jiangsu can reach the finals this year, does it mean that the task has been completed? After all, the team is basically young players, and the Wuhan team is facing major international players such as Wang Shuang and Wang Shanshan?


As far as the situation of Suning’s team this year is concerned, our strength has dropped significantly and the opponent's strength has improved significantly. It is not easy to reach the finals. Although we have trained new players through the competition, from a management perspective, since KPI is the defending champion, it is It means that the task has not been completed this year.


   After the team did not complete the task of defending the title, how did the team summarize?


On the basis of the previous stage summary, after the team returned to Nanjing, the coaching staff did not rush to take a holiday. The club and coaching staff summarized this year’s training and competition, and urged the coaching staff as soon as possible on the problems that occurred in this year’s training and competition. Come up with actionable measures and plans to make full preparations for next year's competition.


   What is the biggest achievement of the women's football throughout the season? For example, what new potential players have been discovered?


On the one hand, the biggest gain of this season is that the club has improved its ability to respond to difficulties and crises. Despite the difficulties, the club and the coaching staff can seek common ground while reserving differences and unify their thinking. Everything is focused on the overall situation of the team’s training and competition. Overcoming difficulties; secondly, new players were trained through the game, such as central defender Li Yuehua, midfielder Han Xuan and other young players to stand out.


I would like to ask a more sensitive question, that is, in this year's Super League, whether it is men's football or women's football, there is a great controversy over the scale and accuracy of referees' penalties. During the match of Suning Women's Football There have also been controversial incidents. What is the attitude of the team?


   Suning Women’s Football always emphasizes and abides by one point in terms of match style and discipline: that is, absolute respect and trust in the referee. For any failure, we must resolutely find reasons from ourselves and not find excuses from other aspects. In particular, we have many young players, and we must develop good game habits. Only in this way, when they grow up and go international, they will not have an unbalanced mentality. They will calmly deal with any problems and focus all their attention on On the ball and during the game. In addition, we also ask the players to think in a different position. The growth of Chinese referees also requires the trust and encouragement of all footballers, plus more understanding.


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