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In this year’s playoffs, I praised the performance of the Lakers' role players, and I also praised the thick eyebrows. I thought he would become the nightmare of every opponent of the Lakers and regarded it as the biggest key to the team's championship, but I never Praised James. Even on those nights when he played brilliantly, I focused more on "how the Lakers won the game". It’s not that I think James is not doing well enough, but that I’ve already taken everything he did for granted-if the Lakers “want to compete for the title” is not just talking about it, then James must Do your best to make everything possible, even if we all know that he is almost 36 years old.


And on a night where countless people expect the Nuggets to beat the Lakers, and rely on this victory to repeat the first two rounds of reversal, James once again demonstrated his unparalleled game dominance. He scored 9 points in a critical moment, scored 16 points in the final quarter, scored 38 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists, personally extinguishing the Nuggets' hopes of reversal.


To borrow the words of Danny Green to evaluate James: He is the best player in the world.

借用丹尼·格林(Danny Green)的话来评价詹姆斯:他是世界上最好的球员。

He has never been the one who can score the most points, nor is he the player with the most outstanding passing ability in NBA history, but he must be the one who makes people feel most at ease in all aspects.


If you watch this game carefully, you should be able to understand why James can always successfully complete the end of the series with his own advantage. In the past 17 matches in his hand, there are He advanced to the next round smoothly 16 times-because he always did the right thing at the right time.


Take this game as an example, we clearly saw the different game choices he made at different time points.


When there is Jokic, he is one style of play, when there is no Jokic, he is another style of play, and when Jokic is on the verge of fouling, he further strengthens his own. Break through aggressiveness. From the very beginning of the game, James put great emphasis on the speed of conversion, and when the game time entered the stage of mixed lineup, he relied on the pick-and-roll method to continuously grab the opponent's defensive weakness.


The Nuggets had a great defensive strategy against James in this series, but on this night, everything they did was in vain. After James thoroughly understood the mode of operation of the defense, everything on the court became his hunting target.


He succeeded in carrying the team's offensive and defensive tasks when the thick eyebrows fell into a foul crisis. You must be amazed by James' big heart shot at the last moment, right? But have you noticed that in those few minutes of offensive highlights, his performance on the defensive end is equally impeccable?


——During the pick-and-roll between Jokic and Grant, James took the initiative to switch defenses and took over the responsibility of defending Jokic alone. He stuck the opponent's bottom plate and bravely handed his face to his opponent. He pushed a few meters inside, but in the end he chose to pass the ball under pressure.


——In the final stage, he successfully executed the defense against Murray, destroyed the opponent's core arrow attack, and locked the final victory. In this series, Murray, who was defending by James, only made 3 of 10 shots and only scored 6 points.


If you can't make a goal, I'll make it, and if you can't prevent it, I'll make it. When his teammates need him, he can always stand up in time and use the right choice to help the team get back on the right track.


This is the strongest charm that James has shown in G4 and G5 as the leader of the team. As he said, his shoulders are wide enough to carry many important tasks.


You can always trust LeBron James.


The scene after the game touched me deeply.


The first thing James did after returning to the locker room was to thank his teammates and staff with thick eyebrows. This is not the first time they have done this. On the night when they got the match point in the Western Conference semifinals, James had his thick eyebrows guarding the entrance of the player passage with him, waiting for the media interview invitation because of his outstanding performance that day. Caruso.


These leadership influences that go deep into the details of life are what James wants to teach his thick eyebrows, and it is also one of the keys for the Lakers to continue to grow and transform in such a questioned and setback season.


Thick eyebrows can take on the team's offensive and defensive responsibilities on any night, becoming the most dazzling person in the statistics, and the Lakers expect him to be. But the soul of this team, the source of centripetal force, and the leader must be LeBron James.


The so-called leader is by no means a crude pile of data and abilities. He contains more of the art of leadership, a responsibility, and even a responsibility.


On the field, as the core controller of the ball, James always makes correct judgments of the game, and tells his teammates how to win the next victory with his personal performance. And off the court, he constantly inspires everyone around him with words, urges them to become better players, and strives to pass on everything he has to the future of this team, Anthony Davis.


A year ago, the sky that belonged to the Los Angeles Lakers was still full of clouds. They spent a period of darkness, losing, rebuilding, and bucking each other. But now, just one year later, the regained health of the Los Angeles native, led by Rich Eyebrow and James, stepped onto the stage of the finals.

一年前,属于洛杉矶湖人队的天空仍然充满云雾。他们度过了一段黑暗的时期,彼此失去,重建和抗争。但是现在,仅一年之后,在Rich Eyebrow和James的带领下,这位洛杉矶本地人恢复了健康,踏上了决赛的舞台。

In June 10 years ago, Kobe took Gasol, Odom and Fisher to the Finals for two consecutive years, defeating the Boston Celtics in a vengeful manner, and won the 16th overall in team history. Champion gold cup. And today, 10 years later, LeBron James led his new Lakers to this game again.


No one knows who they will meet in the end and what the result will be waiting for them. But the determination of James and the Lakers has been clearly written on everyone's face-"THE JOB'S NOT FINISHED". What they want is the first place flying above Staples. 17 championship flags.

没有人知道他们最终会见谁,结果将等待他们什么。但是詹姆斯和湖人队的决心已经清楚地写在每个人的脸上-“工作还没有完成”。他们想要的是在斯台普斯上空飞行的第一名。 17个冠军标志。

I believe they will do so.


No one commented, but quiet


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