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【JBO电竞】强把批评当表扬 德尚博提议小菲一起增重涨距离

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On October 13th, Beijing time, Bryson DeChambeau insisted that Matthew Fitzpatrick said that he played extremely long distances like this was "a mockery of golf." It was not a criticism, but A compliment.

在北京时间10月13日,布赖森·德尚博坚称马修·菲茨帕特里克(Matthew Fitzpatrick)说他打了很长的距离,就像“打高尔夫球一样”。这不JBO电竞是批评,而是夸奖。

Matthew Fitzpatrick publicly expressed his views this week, believing that Bryson De Chambeau relies on gaining weight and distance without any technical content, and called on golf authorities to act quickly to reduce the risk of flying small balls. distance.

JBO电竞马修·菲茨帕特里克(Matthew Fitzpatrick)在本周公开表达了他的观点,认为布赖森·德尚博(Bryson De Chambeau)依靠体重和距离的增加而没有任何技术上的要求,并呼吁高尔夫当局迅速采取行动以减少小球的飞行风险。距离。

The Englishman said: “When he (De Chambeau) is in form, it’s really meaningless. It doesn’t matter if I play my best. He is 50 yards away from the tee. The only thing I can give him The only competition is putting. This is ridiculous."


   Obviously, this is the fiercest public criticism Bryson De Chambeau has faced so far. But after the second round of the Holy Land Brotherhood Children’s Hospital Open, the American expressed that he “appreciated” Matthew Fitzpatrick's point of view, but he also retorted that being able to possess such a great power is more of a kind technology.

显然,这是迄今为JBO电竞止布赖森竞博下载app·德尚博面临的最激烈的公开批评。但是在圣地兄弟会儿童医院公开赛第二轮之后,美国人表示他“赞赏”马修·菲茨帕特里克(Matthew Fitzpatrick)的观点,但他也反驳说拥有如此强大的力量更像是一种技术。

After listening to Matthew Fitzpatrick’s comments, Bryson DeChambeau said: “I appreciate it. To be honest, it’s a compliment to me. A year ago, I couldn’t get close to the distance I am today. . It took me a lot of work, spent many hours, until late at night, only to understand many things.

听了Matthew Fitzpatrick的评论后,Bryson DeChambeau说:“我很感激。老实说,这是对我的称赞。一年前,我无法接近今天的距离。 。我花了很多时间,花了很多时间直到深夜,才了解很多事情。

   "I want to say that doing what I'm doing is actually a test of skill, although my fairway rate has dropped a bit. But I still believe that at the same distance I hit last year, I hit straighter this year.


"So I actually appreciate comments like this. I think he is focusing on certain types of players and I appreciate that. My whole goal is to play at the best possible level. This sport gives me the opportunity to show some Something special.


"I feel that the direction I'm going gives me an advantage over everyone. I think when you study it carefully, it is actually a skill. Like me today, I can still run many fairways at a distance of 360 yards. You It is difficult to do it with a driver.


“Actually according to today’s rules, it’s harder to get to the fairway if you tee off like me. The current setting is more inclined to players at the distance of Matthew Fitzpatrick. My personal opinion is: In fact, what I do, It actually requires more skills. This is why only some players can do it."

“实际上按照今天的规则,如果您像我一样开球,就很难到达球道。当前的设置更倾向于距离Matthew Fitzpatrick较远的球员。我个人的观点是:实际上,我所做的实际上需要更多技能。这就是为什么只有一些玩家可以做到的原因。”

   Bryson DeChambeau won the U.S. Open last month with a 6-shot lead on the wing foot. He even offered to meet Matthew Fitzpatrick to discuss this issue and encourage Sheffield players to follow his path of success.

布赖森·德尚博(Bryson DeChambeau)上个月以6杆领先的优势赢得了美国公开赛。他甚至提议与Matthew Fitzpatrick见面,讨论这个问题,并鼓励Sheffield球员遵循他的成功之路。

   "You know, I actually thank it, I am willing to discuss this issue with him. And I am willing to say: ‘Hi, buddy, I hope I can help you. Why don’t you follow along?’


"Look at McIlroy and DJ doing the same thing. They have seen a clear advantage. I think this is a good thing for golf. I don't think there is less technical content. I still want to push it very well. My wedge still has to hit the middle, the same level, or better. In fact, the statistics have shown that I'm still on the fairway.


"Yes, I have a few crooked shots, but I have played a lot of fairways. I still hit great irons, I also put a lot of putts. I still think this is very technical. "




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