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Before the start of the new season of the Super League, a total of 43 Luneng youth training and transportation players were selected into the list of participating teams. Now that the first stage of the Chinese Super League is over, a total of 38 players have played. Among them, Shao Tieliang, who played for Shijiazhuang Yongchang, Hebei, played 13 times for a total of 1170 minutes and is the player with the most minutes. Qingdao Huanghai’s 2000 teenager Zhang Haochen played 74 minutes in the 14th round in order to avoid signing up for U21 players. He became the first Luneng youth player to appear in the Chinese Super League after 2000. Guangzhou Evergrande’s Wei Shihao scored 6 goals and scored the most goals. Dalian’s Sun Bo delivered the most 3 assists. Among the players who played more than 500 minutes, Shandong Luneng’s Zheng Zheng ranked first with an average rating of 6.79 per game. .

在新赛季中超联赛开始之前,共有43名鲁能青年训练和运输球员入选了参赛队伍。现在,中国超级联赛的第一阶段已经结束,已经有38名球员参加了比赛。其中,为河北石家庄永昌队效力的邵铁良出场13次,共1170分钟,是比赛时间最多的球员。青岛黄海队的2000名少年张浩辰在第14轮比赛中上场74分钟,以避免招募U21球员。他成为2000年后首位出现在中国超级联赛中的鲁能青年球员。广州恒大的魏世豪打进6球,进球最多。大连的孙波提供了最多的3次助攻。在玩了500分钟以上的球员中,山东鲁能的郑铮以每场6.79的平均评分排名第一。 。

Before the start of the season, Wang Dalei had been injured, Han Rongze became Luneng's main goalkeeper and his performance was very stable. In the first stage, he played 12 times, with only 9 conceded goals and 18 successful saves. Luneng became one of the teams with the fewest conceded goals in the first stage of the Super League, and Han Rongze contributed a lot. In addition to stability, he can often contribute to the smash, and with the deepening of the game, Han Rongze has also improved the accuracy of long passes and the offense with hand throws.


Shao Tieliang is Shijiazhuang Yongchang's main goalkeeper, except for the last round of rest, he played all the previous 13 rounds. Although Shao Tingliang was Yongchang's main goalkeeper in the Chinese League, the fans were not very satisfied with his performance, and even jokingly called him "Shooting King" and "Shaopu". In the Super League this season, Shao Tieliang can be said to have completed the transformation, with 24 successful saves ranked 4th in the Super League rankings, and many more wonderful saves were selected as the best saves in each round.


Deng Xiaofei and Teng Shangkun are the best models. At the beginning of the season, the two were not the main players of the team, but they both seized it when the opportunity came.


In fact, these four goalkeepers all have long-term experience as backup goalkeepers. "The daughter-in-law has become a wife for many years." Of course, it is not the blessing of the goddess of luck, but from the persistence and unremitting efforts day after day in training.

实际上,这四个守门员都具有作为备用守门员的长期经验。 “ The妇已经成为妻子多年了。”当然,这不是运气女神的祝福,而是来自训练中日复一日的执着和不懈的努力。

In the guard ranking, there are 11 players who play for more than 500 minutes, including Zheng Zheng, Liu Yang (1991), Chen Hao, Wang Tong, Liu Yang (1995), Chen zhechao and Li Songyi.


The best performer in the central defender position is undoubtedly the veteran Zheng Zheng. Especially in the first few rounds when Kadar did not integrate into the team, Zheng Zheng has become an indispensable defensive core of Luneng, whether in one-on-one marking or commanding the defense line. Zheng Zheng has performed very well both in the backcourt and in the backcourt. After Kadar's performance is getting better, Zheng Zheng, in addition to acting as a right center back, once returned to his old line of left back, truly explains what is meant by "I am A brick, where it needs to be moved".

在中后卫位置上表现最好的人无疑是老将郑铮。尤其是在卡达尔没有加入球队的前几轮比赛中,无论是在一对一打标还是在防守线上指挥,郑铮都已成为鲁能不可或缺的防守核心。 Zheng Zheng在后场和后场都有出色的表现。在Kadar的表现变得更好之后,郑铮(Zheng Zheng)除了充当右中后卫之外,还回到了他以前的左后卫路线上,真正地解释了“我是一块砖头,需要在哪里移动”的含义。

Henan Jianye's Chen Hao is second only to goalkeeper Shao Tingliang in playing time. He was a well-deserved "iron man" when he suffered from injuries up and down the team. In Jianye's three-centre defender system, Chen Hao's long pass is often the starting point of the offense, and when the team is behind, he is a striker who frequently intervenes in the offense.


Li Songyi's trend this season is like a flipped parabola. After Tosic returned, he lost his position, but later returned to the main force and his performance on the court improved significantly.


In the position of full-back, Wang Tong and Zhang Chi are both relatively stable, and both can actively participate in the offensive on the basis of doing a good job of defense. This allows Li Xiaopeng to be confident and bold to always rotate at the right-back position. As for the left back, Zeng Chao is better than defense, Chen Zhechao focuses on defense, and the two also form a good rotation in R&F. Liu Yang (1995)'s performance is not very stable, especially when he plays in the backcourt, he needs to be more cautious.


On the avant-garde list, Wu Xinghan, Ma Xingyu, Duan Liuyu, Chen Jie, maitijiang, sun Pu and others all played for more than 600 minutes.


It can also be seen from the list that the position of the winger is abundant. Wu Xinghan, Sun Bo, Liu Binbin, and Xu Yang are all good players in this position. Duan Liuyu, Chen Pu, and Liu Chaoyang also often serve as wingers in the game. , Including Liu Yang and Zhang Chi, who are mainly playing full-backs this season, can also play this position.

从清单中还可以看出,边锋的位置很丰富。吴兴汉,孙波,刘彬彬和徐扬都是这个职位的好球员。段留宇,陈璞和刘朝阳也经常在比赛中担任边锋。 ,包括本赛季主要效力后卫的刘洋和张驰,也可以担任此职位。

Wu Xinghan is still the first candidate for Luneng's left midfielder. He is more balanced on both ends of the offense and defense, especially in the 4th round against Guangzhou Evergrande, facing Zhang Linpeng, and in the 7th round against Guangzhou R&F and Tang Miao, they both played the international level. which performed. Liu Binbin maintained a very high offensive efficiency, with 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 breakthrough point in 335 minutes of playing time.


Sun Bo's performance is also very good. After Carrasco left the team, Sun Bo became the best choice for Dalian's left midfielder. Three assists are enough to show his value in the team.


In the midfield, Wang Yongpo only played in the final round because of injuries. Others, with the exception of Shanghai SIPG’s Mai Tijiang, who played relatively stable, although Chen Jie, Ma Xingyu and others played a lot of time, they played well and did not have many bright spots. Yao Junsheng and Chen Kerui, two players with high hopes, also encountered a lot of trouble this year. Yao Junsheng was cancelled at the transfer window. Although Chen Kerui scored his first goal after returning to Luneng in the FA Cup, But in the league has not yet played their own characteristics.


The teenager Duan Liuyu continued his good performance last season. He showed his characteristics well in many positions such as midfielder, shadow forward and full-back. In addition to contributing 2 goals and 1 assist, he also frequently sent threat passes to his teammates during the game. ball.


In this list, Wei Shihao, Guo Tianyu and Chen Pu appeared in the forward position. Duan Liuyu and Liu Chaoyang both served as shadow forwards.


The oldest of these is the 25-year-old Wei Shihao. At the beginning of the season, Wei Shihao showed excellent form. He scored 6 goals in 5 games and once occupied the top scorer list. Unfortunately, after the 6th round due to injuries. It hasn't appeared yet.


Chen Pu gradually gained game time after Zang Yifeng's injury, and scored twice at the last minute, thus winning the trust of the coach. After successive injuries to foreign players, Chen Pu was pushed to the front line. To join Yongchang on loan this season, Chen Pu's progress is obvious to all. We also hope that he can learn more from Muric and Matthews.


Guo Tianyu’s performance is not stable enough. Although there have been bright moments of winning the goal against Evergrande, overall he still has not fully integrated into Luneng’s offensive system, and there is still a lack of chemical reactions with Gerdes, Pellet and others. . Guo Tianyu's physical talent is obvious to all, and how to make better use of his characteristics, he still needs to accumulate experience through more games. Just today, the new national team training list was released. Guo Tianyu was selected for the adult national team for the first time. His efforts are paying off little by little. Maybe he is not good enough now, but he will definitely become stronger in the future. And Liu Chaoyang, who has experienced several times on the bench, obviously hasn't adapted to the confrontation rhythm of the Super League, he needs more experience.

郭天宇的表现还不够稳定。尽管在赢取恒大的比赛中有很多辉煌的时刻,但总的来说,他仍未完全融入鲁能的进攻体系,并且与格德斯,佩莱特和其他人之间缺乏化学反应。 。郭天宇的身体天赋对所有人都是显而易见的,如何更好地利用他的性格,他仍然需要通过更多的比赛来积累经验。就在今天,新的国家队训练名单发布了。郭天宇首次入选国家成年队。他的努力正在逐渐得到回报。也许他现在还不够好,但是将来他肯定会变得更强壮。坐在板凳上几次经历的刘朝阳显然没有适应中超的对抗节奏,他需要更多的经验。

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